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It has been a while… Today – Monitor I/O in AIX

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

It is a question I’ve been asked a while back, and didn’t find the time to search for it.

I have searched for an answer just now, and got to an answer given by one of the old-time gurus (most likely) in news servers (where the gurus lurk, usually). The answer is to use the command "filemon" in a syntax such as this:

filemon -O lf -o outputfile.txt

To stop the monitoring session, run "trcstop". Review the output file generated by this command, and you will be able to view the I/O interactions which happened during that time on the system.

How to download a stream using MPlayer

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

It works for MPlayer, both on Windows and on Linux:

mplayer -dumpstream mms://

You get a file called stream.dump, which name you need to change according to its actual suffix. So we get the file type using "file"

file stream.dump

And then renaming it accordingly.