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Microphone loops to speakers, but cannot be used for recording

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Ali5451, with module (Alsa) snd_ali5451 works fine for a long while now. However, I’ve discovered just a short while ago that it will not recored / use for SkyPE sound sourced from the microphone.

I have tried various settings with alsamixer but was unable to record sound yet. I can hear the noises made well from my speakers, but cannot record.

I was about to give up, however, this link has caught my eyes while I googled, and solved my problem. For you who seek answers…

DL140 Generation 1 (G1) and LILO do not work

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

I add to this blog all pieces of information which I might think could help other people.

One of the things I have encountered short while ago had to do with DL140 G1 system cannot boot Linux.

It’s Linux system (RedHat 4 32bit) was deployed by an external system and the system could not boot. However, when installed from CD, the system booted just fine. The symptom for this was that after booting, the screen showed:

LILO: Loading Linux…..

and that’s all. The system could have booted (and did so once) after several days, however, this is not really a desired status.

It seems to be an issue of Lilo and this specific hardware. Other systems (non DL140) were able to boot just fine using Lilo, and this same kernel version was bootable on that system through other means.

Replacing Lilo with GRUB during installation/deployment solved the isse. FYI.