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Small but annoying – no XVideo for movies

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

It means I cannot resize video. Using the x11 generic driver does not allow resize.

I’ve searched for a solution just now, and got to this web page. After some tweeks with my own config file (to remind you, it was built using ATI’s tools), I’ve got it to work correctly.

Here’s the updated config file xorg.conf.ati-dualhead.txt

Radeon 9600 Dual Display (dual-head)

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

After much agony with my faulted NVidia Dual-head card, and the frequent hard-freeze which were part of this experience.

A new and shining ATI Radeon 9600 has entered my AGP slot, and I was ready to make it rock.

First thing first – I utterly failed to install the damn driver. ATI build their drivers for someone else. Not me. I was able (I swear I don’t remember how) to make it work, and was into setting my brand new VGA card for dual-head for my Xorg.

I’ve used aticonfig, and run the following commands to do the trick:

aticonfig –initial=dual-head –screen-layout=right

aticonfig –screen-layout=left –dtop horizontal –resolution=0,1280×1024,1024×768 –resolution=1,1280×1024,1024×768 –screen-overlap=0

It worked like charm (I’m saving you from the ugly trial and error part of it).

Hadrware accelerated multi-screen solution – NVidia card

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

I don’t know why, but ever since the last shutdown of my desktop, I’ve had stability problems with my X. I’m using Xinerama, and it’s been working rather OK, for the last month or so, however, now, especially when using Firefox version 1.5, it tends to halt, with “NVRM: Xvid: 12

” error, which means some crash with NVidia card. I’ve had this before, for a short period of time, and it might be due to failure of the fans, or the likes.

During the search for a newer driver, I’ve read NVidia’s README, and got to the understanding I can either use Xinerama, which is a software based multi-screen solution, or I could use Nvidia’s built-in “TwinView” mechanism. I’ve decided to use it, and after short while of tempering with it, got to the following config file xorg.conf-nvidia-hardware-enabled.txt, which works correctly.

It did not solve, however, my crush problems, and my X keeps on hanging once a while. I might just purchase a new, medium class NVidia card, for that matter.