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XenServer 6.0 with DRBD

DRBD is a low-cost shared-SAN-like solution, which has several great benefits,¬†among which¬†are no single point of failure, and very low cost (local storage and network cable). Its main disadvantages are in the need to constantly monitor it, and make sure it does what’s expected. Also – in some cases – performance might be affected greatly….

Upgrading Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10 with software non-standard RAID configuraion

A copy of a post made in Ubuntu forms, with the hope it would help others in status such as I’ve been in. Available through here In afterthought, I think the header should be non-common, rahter than non-standard… Hi all. I have passed through this forum yesterday, searching for a possible cause for a problem…

HP-UX and Software Raid1

I have installed today an HP-UX 11i V2 on PA-Risc server, and it went quite fine. I have used the “Technical Environment” DVDs for installation, and it went fine. I was unable to find, however, the Raid1 (Mirror) tools for the LVM. Symptoms: There is no parameter “-m” to “lvextend“. According to documentaion (or even…