Timeout when using Ricci as the backend for Corosync update in Redhat Cluster

When using Ricci as the engine for ‘cman_tool version -r’ command, you will experience timeouts (and practically – you will be unable to use ricci to update the cluster configuration across the nodes) when the ricci user password contains XML-sensitive characters, like <>&, etc. As they say – FYI 🙂

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RedHat Cluster custom Oracle “Agent”/script V1.0

Working with RH Cluster quite a lot, I have decided to create an online store of customer agents/scripts. I have not, so far, invested the effort of making these agents accept settings from the cluster.conf file, but this might happen. Let the library be! Oracle DB script/agent: Although I discovered (a bit late) that RH…


Redhat Cluster NFS client service – things to notice

I encountered an interesting bug/feature of RHCS on RHEL4. A snip of my configuration looks like this: <resources> <fs device=”/dev/mapper/mpath6p1″ force_fsck=”1″ force_umount=”1″ fstype=”ext3″ name=”share_prd” mountpint=”/share_prd” options=”” self_fence=”0″ fsid=”02001″/> <nfsexport name=”nfs export4″/> <nfsclient name=”all ro” target=”″ options=”ro,no_root_sqush,sync”/> <nfsclient name=”app1″ target=”app1″ options=”rw,no_root_squash,sync”/> </resources> <service autostart=”1″ domain=”prd” name=”prd” nfslock=”1″> <fs ref=”share_prd”> <nfsexport ref=”nfs export 4″> <nfsclient ref=”all ro”/>…