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SuperMicro IPMI License

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

This is a bit on the less legit side, but a need rose where I was required to update the BIOS on an old SuperMicro SBB server. The thing is – the IPMI, which is fully capable otherwise, did not allow me to update the BIOS using this interface, and the other options were using DOS or EFI – both less than ideal in this situation.

Buying IPMI license (A SFT-DCMS-SINGLE per node license) is a time consuming option, and I did not have the time at this stage. I do intend on completing the purchase, but in the meanwhile – I needed the license for this simple task.

I found in this post a small guide on how to do it. The general idea, which I will describe below, is to obtain the IPMI MAC address (in the format of xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) and generate it through the script, like this:

export bmc_mac=xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx #obtain from IPMI
echo -n $bmc_mac | xxd -r -p | openssl dgst -sha1 -mac HMAC -macopt hexkey:8544E3B47ECA58F9583043F8 | awk '{print $2}' | cut -c 1-24 | fold -w4

Again – I urge you to purchase a license and do the right thing. It’s just sometimes you need a fast response. That’s all.

Things to remember…

Monday, October 24th, 2011

As my work takes me to various places (where technology is concerned), I collect lots of browser tab of things I want to keep for later reference.
I have to admit, sadly, that I lack the time to sort them out, to make a real good and nice post about them. I do not want to lose them, however, so I am posting now those which I find or found in the past as more useful to me. I might expand either of them one day into a full post, or elaborate further on them. Either or none. For now – let’s clean up some tab space:
Reading IPMI sensors. Into Cacti, and into Nagios, with some minor modifications by myself (to be disclosed later, I believe):
This is somewhat info of the plugin check_ipmi_sensor
And its wiki (in German. Use Google for translation)
XenServer checks:
Checking XenServer using NRPE
But I did not care about Dom0 performance parameters, as they meant very little regarding the hypervisor’s behavior. So I have combined into it the following XenServer License Check. Unfortunately, I could run it only on the XenServer domain0, due to python version limitations on my Cacti /Nagios server.
You can obtain XenServer SDK
This plugin looks interesting for various XenServer checks, but I have never tried it myself.
Backing up (exporting) XenServer VMs as a scheduled task. I have had it modified extensively to match my requirements, but I am allowed to, it has some of its sources based on my blog 🙂
Installing Dell OpenManage on XenServer 5.6.1, and the nice thing is that it works fine on XenServer 6 as well.
Oracle ASM recovery tips . One day I will take it further, and investigate possible human errors and methods of fixing them. Experience, they say, has a value 🙂
A guide dealing with changing from raw to block devices in Oracle ASM . This is only a small part of it, but it’s the thing that interests me.
Understanding Steal Time in Linux Xen-based VMs.
Because I always forget, and I’m too lazy to search again and again (and reach the same page again and again): Upgrading PHP to 5.2 on Centos 5
And last – a very nice remote-control software fomr my Android phone. Don’t leave home without it. Seriously.

Reduced to only 23 tabs is excellent. This was a very nice job, and these links will be useful. To me, for sure. I hope that to you as well.