RaspberryPi Zero loses connectivity
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RaspberryPi Zero loses connectivity

I have had a problem with RPI Zero. The system was working fine, and then it did not. I am using Raspbery Linux (Debian-based) with kernel 5.10.17+. Once a while (usually with network load) the system loses connectivity. Everything seems to be fine, if you have a serial/USB console there, but the wireless network fails….

Disable IPv6 on RHEL5 or Centos5

Recently, bonding module requires IPv6 module. There are two possible solutions. The first is to define zeroconf to off, by adding the following line to /etc/sysconfig/network : NOZEROCONF=yes The other method, which actually disables IPv6 is to insert into /etc/modprobe.conf the following line: options ipv6 disable=1 That should do the trick. You will need to…


Xen Networking – Bonding with VLAN Tagging

The simple scripts in /etc/xen/scripts which manage networking are fine for most usages, however, when your server is using bonding together with VLAN tagging (802.11q) you should consider an alternative. A PDF document written by Mark Nielsen, GPS Senior Consultant, Red Hat, Inc (I lost the original link, sorry) named “BOND/VLAN/Xen Network Configuration” as a…