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Diving computers – Suunto Mosquito and Suunto Vyper

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

I happen to dive. I like it. I happen to be the owner of two dive computers, namely the Suunto Mosquito and the Suunto Vyper.

As I don’t have Windows running on my desktop computer, I encountered some problems trying to view my diving profile using a software and a connection between my PC and my dive computers. There is no official
software for Linux, and I won’t install Windows on my PC just for that. Two options are available: Using some GPL Linux piece of code, avail through linux-diving or using Suunto’s own official software, with WINE. After I’ve failed, long time ago, with the tools available through linux-diving, and
seeing there was no major update with any of the, for the last year or so, I’ve decided to try the WINE option. It didn’t go quite as good as I’ve expected.

I’m using WINE build 20050725, and I’m using the following configuration file. wine-config.txt

I’ve tried running the newer Suunto Diving Manager software, version 2.1.5, and got exceptions claiming something about non-existing registry key. The software just hung during its splash screen display. I’ve struggled with it for a short while, and decided to go for an older version – 1.6.

I was able to install it just right, and I’ve found out that I must NEVER pass my mouse pointer above the sub-windows titles, else the software stops accepting commands (although it can close correctly). It took me a while, but I’ve downloaded the information from the dive computers, and was able to view it correctly, with some pointer-locations limitations.