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Cacti NetApp Ontap API data query

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

I have been using the excellent template and scripts from this forum post, however, when the NetApp device is loaded with LUNs and volumes, the script will cause the Cacti to timeout, and during that time, consume CPU. The original cause of this problem was a workaround to some NetApp Perl API bug the original author found, which forced him to query the entire data set for each sub-query. This is nice for five, or even ten volumes, but when you’re around 400 volumes, things just look bad.

Due to that, I have taken upon myself to make this script more scalable, but forcing a single data query from the NetApp for each data type (volume, LUN, system, etc) and data query type (get, index, etc). A unique file was created with its name being the storage_device_name.data_type.query_type. Following queries to any subset of this data were just accessing this file, and not the remote NetApp device, killing network, CPU, and tending to time out on operation and leave huge blank parts in the graphs.

I will post my modified template in the forum as well, but I place it here, just so that it will be both available for me, and for any interested reader.

Get it here:NetApp_OnTap-SDK_cacti-20130623.tar.gz