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IBM DS3400 expand Logical Drive (LUN)

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I have always liked IBM DS series management suite. I have claimed once that your first storage (and with it – your way of thinking about storage abstraction, I assume) is your favorite storage. I have been using the Storage Manager 9 for years now, even before it was 9 (I think that it was 7 then), and way before it has become 10-something version.

SM9 is the tool to manage the DS4xxx storage series (previously fastT series, if you can remember…), however, their “smaller” brothers, the DS3xxx series have arrived with something else claimed to be “Storage Manager” as well. It has began as SM2, and I was sure surprised to see it under the name “Storage Manager 10” today.

It seems as if someone wanted to make life easy, so everything is hidden behind some messy-looking dashboard. Finding the so-well-known abstraction logic is almost impossible for me, no matter how many times I will use this disaster of a product. Can’t complain about the storage devices – they are rather good, and although IBM has recently had some firmware issues and stability issues with some of its storage products – I can’t say I hate this device. Storage Manager 2 (or 10, today), however, is something I prefer to avoid.

After all this ranting and crying, I can share this piece of technical information. Storage Manager 10 (2, whatever) does not allow for Logical Drive to be expanded. You can expand the Raid Array – no problem. Just add some more disks to it, however, the free space created in that specific array will not be available for your reallocation pleasure – you cannot expand any of your existing Logical Drives with it.

Google has pointed me to that specific post which enlightened me with a new understanding of the DS series – the SM10, while being nothing more than a limited GUI for the storage-handicap IT persons, does not completely cancel the storage device’s abilities. The device can expand LUNs, so SM10 can allow it, secretly.

You need to know what you’re doing. I will copy/paste the contents of that blog entry for future use:

Expanding LUNs on a DS3000 series disk system:

First make sure you have enough space in your array. Next go to the script editor in the Storage Manager gui. Choose script editor. Type in a command like this:

set logicalDrive [“FINKOPAS01-BOOT”] addCapacity=50GB;

This would add 50GB’s to the disk “FINKOPAS01-BOOT”.

Now choose run command from the menu. After the disk system has expanded your LUN you should see the extra capacity in the disk management console window.

*NOTE*: This information was originally found here:

The target link is dead there, unfortunately, however, the “secret” information is available for all.

Do not forget the semi-comma at the end of the line. It won’t work otherwise. IBM… 🙂