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Well, It’s been a while since I’ve considered playing with a blog of my own. I’ve never quite found the convicting reason which will pull me out of my chair, and not-a-single-thing-doing-for-a-whole-afternoon-while-browsing-the-net into the active part of installing my own blog.

Well, I did just ten minutes ago.

Why? Because during my tech adventures (as much as they might seem adventurues to anyone), I get to complete tasks, or do things which I have nowhere to add or update, and thus I don’t get to keep, neither to myself for later refferance, nor for others who might bump into the same problems I have.

Who am I?

Keeping this blog blogish enough, there is no point in mentioning my name. You can call me Ez-Aton, or Ez, for short, if you feel like calling me at all. It’s not that I hide, but there is a point in a person’s life where he wants to use the little anonymity the web offers. The little of it which still exists nowdays, anyhow.

Well, I act as a Unix SysAdmin, linux hobbist and SysAdmin, Windows SysAdmin, some experiance with mac, etc. I manage few dozens of *nix machines @ work, namely Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and somewhat Windows on a more complex environment. I don’t claim to be an expert on it, oh now, but I claim to know some on everything. And Google being my friend, I can manage my way around the more common obstacles. I learn fast, I almost never do the same mistake twice (unless it’s on purpose, to gain something), so I manage to get, uneducated (no degree, no official courses), a very complex set of systems up and running. not perfect, but how many people you know who can make such things (as you might find in my blog at other times) up and running?

Oh, and I live in Israel, which is a small country, but one can get used to it.

So I hope you find info you need here, or at least enjoy wasting few more minutes of your life, where time flies in front of the computer, browsing and searching, and doing only little. Yep, techie’s life.



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  1. [Proude to be the first one to add comment to your blog]

    Good luck with your blog and i do hope that people will respect you privacy and avoid mentioning your real-life-facts in here.

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