Oculus Quest casting to Linux

I have acquired a new Oculus Quest, which is a wonderful device. I aim at making it a useful desktop tool, and hopefully – some day – replace my entire working (Linux) desktop with this 360Degץ For now – this is a nice gaming platform, and while it is entirely immersive, and drowns one entirely in the experience, others cannot take even the part of the viewer. It means that when you introduce the Quest to someone new, you cannot instruct her with how to use the device, because you cannot see what’s happening inside.

The application allows for casting, but only to a limited set of destination devices, or only for some applications. Limitations. We don’t like it.

So, based on a great instruction video, I have modified the procedure to work on Linux.

You will need to enable developer mode on your Oculus (the video has a quick reference to that), and you will have to install ‘adb’ on your Linux. For Ubuntu – ‘sudo apt install adb’ should do the trick.
Also – you will need the ‘scrcpy’ tool, which can be installed using ‘snap’ command like this: ‘sudo snap install scrcpy’.

If you can see the device (when connected via USB) running the command ‘adb devices’ (you might need to run it first under ‘sudo’ – check for guides on enabling ‘adb’ for your user) when the Oculus is connected via USB, or modify the connection script to match your Oculus IP address (instead of, and then run the command to connect.


adb tcpip 5555
adb connect $ipaddr


scrcpy -c 1440:1600:0:0 -m 1600 -b 8M

Save these scripts, make them executable, and good luck!

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