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RaspberryPi Zero loses connectivity

I have had a problem with RPI Zero. The system was working fine, and then it did not. I am using Raspbery Linux (Debian-based) with kernel 5.10.17+. Once a while (usually with network load) the system loses connectivity. Everything seems to be fine, if you have a serial/USB console there, but the wireless network fails….

VNC minimal server on RHEL8 / CentOS8 / OEL8

With the update to version 8 (or, if to be accurate, according to common documentations, 8.3 and above), VNC configuration has had a major overhaul, and it is entirely different. Most documentations will refer to using ‘gnome’ as the desktop manager, however – if you want something lightweight with minimal impact (both package-wise and performance-wise),…

sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed for RSA from agent: agent refused operation

This is a problem which bugs the Internet. Many solutions were suggested. All of them work sometimes (like making sure that the permissions on the private/public SSH key files are correct). One solution which never gets mentioned is about DNS. When attempting login to a remote server, the server attempts to resolve the connecting address…