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Juniper NetworkConnect (NC) and 64bit Linux

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Due to a major disk crash, I have had to use my ‘other’ computer for VPN connections. It meant that I have had to prepare it for the operation. I attempted to login to aJuniper-based SSL-VPN connection, however, I did get a message saying that my 64bit Java was inadequate. I had a link, as part of the error message to Juniper KB, to which I must link (remembering how I have had to search for possible solutions in the past).

The nice thing about this solution is that it does not replace your default Java version on the system, which was always a problem, as I was using Java for various purposes, but it recognizes that it’s part of the (update-)alternatives list, and makes use of the correct Java version.

Juniper did it right this time!

Oh – and the link to their KB

And to Oracle Java versions, to make life slightly easier for you. You will need Oracle login, however (you can register for free).

Juniper Network Connect with Ubuntu 11.10 x86_64

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

This is a tricky one. I have had to waste a lot of time. The trick is to use 32bit browser (extract firefox into $HOME/firefox and run it from there. Details below), and a full JDK package from Sun. JRE is not good enough!

I have a $HOME/bin/firefox32 script which looks like this:


exec “$HOME/firefox/firefox” -P 32bit -no-remote “[email protected]

I have created a dedicated profile called “32bit” to which I call with the ‘-P’. Also – setting no-remote prevents firefox from adding an additional window on an existing firefox currently running.

In the profile directory ($HOME/.mozilla/firefox ) create a directory called ‘plugins’ and create a symlink in it to the JDK installation plugin’s location. Works, as I have mentioned before, only with the full JDK package. This was the difference.