Juniper Network Connect with Ubuntu 11.10 x86_64

This is a tricky one. I have had to waste a lot of time. The trick is to use 32bit browser (extract firefox into $HOME/firefox and run it from there. Details below), and a full JDK package from Sun. JRE is not good enough!

I have a $HOME/bin/firefox32 script which looks like this:


exec “$HOME/firefox/firefox” -P 32bit -no-remote “$@”

I have created a dedicated profile called “32bit” to which I call with the ‘-P’. Also – setting no-remote prevents firefox from adding an additional window on an existing firefox currently running.

In the profile directory ($HOME/.mozilla/firefox ) create a directory called ‘plugins’ and create a symlink in it to the JDK installation plugin’s location. Works, as I have mentioned before, only with the full JDK package. This was the difference.

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