Recovery of a StorageRepository (SR) in XenServer, part one

In this part I will discuss a possible solution to a problem I encountered several times already – failure to understand XenServer use of LVM, but first – a little explanation of the topic. XenServer makes extensive use of LVM technology in order to support the storage requirements of virtual disks. It is being utilized…

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XenServer 6.0 with DRBD

DRBD is a low-cost shared-SAN-like solution, which has several great benefits,¬†among which¬†are no single point of failure, and very low cost (local storage and network cable). Its main disadvantages are in the need to constantly monitor it, and make sure it does what’s expected. Also – in some cases – performance might be affected greatly….


LVM Recovery

A friend of mine made a grieve mistake – partition a disk containing Linux LVM directly on it, without any partition table. Oops. When dealing with multi-Tera sized disks, one gets to encounter limitations not known on smaller scales – the 2TB limitation. Normal partition table can contain only around 2TB mapping, meaning that to…