Nvidia now works with AIGLX!

Using Nvidia propriety driver version 9755 allows using AIGLX instead of the slower and deprecated GLX interface.

AIGLX nowadays is part of Xorg 7.1 and above.

You can find a guide in OpenSuse Wiki which will describe the required actions.

I have attached here my own xorg.conf file which allows Dual-head setup with 2 LCD screens running resolution of 1280×1024 for AIGLX: xorg.conf-Nvidia_AIGLX.txt

Good luck


It appears that it doesn’t work quite as well yet – at least not with the xorg.conf file I have uploaded here. You will require two additional lines, as described in Ubuntu forums. The up-to-date file is this: xorg.conf-Nvidia_AIGLX_fixed.txt

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