Recycling old and terrible

I find it that identifying a missing something in the fridge, and adding it to a list does not work well for me. It’s either that I take a mental note of the missing groceries, and then, almost immediately, forget them until the unpacking of the just-purchased groceries, back home, several days later, or that I actually move myself into writing it down on a note, placed on the fridge, and then, of course, forget to take the note with me to the supermarket. Not working.

I have had an old tablet I purchased as my first Android device (and I’m not quite sure why I stayed liking Android in general after the experience I have had with the device). This tablet was very weak when purchased (didn’t get better since), and very cheap (that’s why I purchased it). It’s called ‘Eken M001’ and you can read a review of it here.

This tablet was horrible when purchased. You can hardly do anything with it. However, I came up with an idea – why not use it to hold a grocery purchase list on the fridge and sync this list to my Android cell phone? Wow! A silly, and very cool idea, at the same time.

So, today I have (re)installed the device, configured it to support Hebrew (not that simple on Android 1.6, a breeze on Android 4 and above. Guess what version I have there…) and added that nice list application “OurGroceries”. The result is in the following pictures:

The fridge is hardly visible, acting as our white background. To prevent the device from falling, I have attached it to the sides of the fridge, and not to the door.

I hope it actually will save my problem there. Could be nice 🙂

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