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Well, during the weekend, I got rather lazy. I haven’t done half the things I’ve had in mind, so I tried to spend some of today for the sake of these things. Nada. Wasted my time on work, and work, and then some more work, I’ve done nothing useful whatsoever.

During night time, I’ve decided I’d do these things yet. So far, one of my major
capital projects would start by me installing Linux on a computer lend to me by a friend. Easy, you say. True indeed. However, I’m out of blank CDs, I’ve got FC3 extracted files on one of my network shares (nfs, of course), and I have a bootable cd of FC2. No go. I’ve tried making the poor on-board sis network card netboot, and already have full bootnet (pxe) supporting environment, but nada. Nothing. Tailing the logs of the DHCP server, the client doesn’t even bother querying for IP address. It just won’t work. Adding another Davicom NIC (DM9102AF), proved to be a waste of time as well. The card wasn’t fully operational. I will just have to buy new blank CDs…

Searching somewhat in Google, I might be able to solve it, just with an additional directive, or so. If so, I will publish here my relevant configs.

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