Life is stronger than we are. Well, sometimes

It’s been hard times. I’ve been busy above my head with all kinds of end-clients, customer demands, jobs around the clock (it came up to long periods of time I’ve spent in my lab, where it’s hot and humid).

It’s hot, way above the tolerable.

What were my great fits? Nothing much. The highlight is that I’ve been able to cause an old webcam a friend left at my place, alongside tons of old stuff, and mostly useless, work. It’s a small and ugly looking webcam, using the module oc518, It did require I’d get some info on the net, and google was glad to help.

I’ve also been able to make it work, but it began every action with a coredump of the module itself. I’ve fixed the code (used another function, because the one they used was deprecated. Well, it works, and my intentions are to find long enough USB cable, and anchor the camera facing the front door, with full motion detection system, sending me SMS messages, once motion was detected,

It could be nice, once I finish it. Would be soon enough. I could offer a system based on such systems to small offices.

I’ve also detected, and tried to find a solution to my (rather large) dbmail mail system. I’ve had problems with subscribing to IMAP folders, and per dbmail developers, I should have recreated the DBs schema. Which I did. Dumping the DB, or restoring it, are matters of hours. Takes few hours, each direction. After this whole "dump your db, drop the old one, recreate correctly the new one, and import the data into it", I’ve
discovered my e-mail, although there, was inaccessible via any interface. I would recreate another DBMail on a separated DB, and copy the whole data into it. Just requires time, and proper hardware. Not much, right?

I’ll goto sleep. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Should solve my issues with too-long-a-day.

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