Totaly MRTG

I’ve played with MRTG a bit further. 

Well, I have a long lasting, and well used MRTG configurations in various locations and on different servers. I’ve decided just few days ago to add monitoring of Apache (httpd) to my MRTG graphs. So I’ve enabled the server-status page, for a limited set of addresses, and added the MRTG stuff. I’ve had to tinker with the perl script a bit, since it returned the same value twice for almost all and every query, which meant lots of lost screen space. I’ve decided to merge some, and with luck, it will probve useful.

I will not publish here the MRTG settings, not the re-edited scripts, not until I test it further, and for the time being. Not at all. If you’ll ask for it, I would be happy to give it away, but not online now, and no screen shots either. I don’t have the patiance to screenshot it, and erase valid information, so I won’t do it now. Sorry.

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