Customer’s project

I’m on the brink of the actual and physical commitment of a project for a customer. moving a banch of Linux servers at their hosting into another physical location, changing the IP address, and making sure everything’s working correctly.

It could have been a pieve of cake, but this machine runs vservers, and it is using some management interface, etc, which demands carefull setup. not only this, but this machine, acting as a hosting server, has DNS A records for every and any virtual host, instead of having CNAME record, which means we’ll have fun.

I’ve just talked to the hosting supplier (the owner of the farm itself), and they are no thrilled. If it were me, the whole transfer setup would have been cut at that point, and I would have moved to another computer farm. It was a lousy service, and it should be paid accordingly.

So it won’t happen this weekend. The farm is not pre-ready, as one person there said (and he is now abroad, so there’s no one to prove I’m right about that). It will have to be next week. Damn. I was hoping to go on a short diving cruse next week.

Well, it’s just me ranting about. At least a friend’s supposed to come over, have an (exellent) Humus with me, and help me plan the transfer. Now I can get some sleep (look at the time!!! So early in the morning!)

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