Trend Micro Client-Server-Messaging-Security for SMB problems

I run CSMS for SMB in my organization. Not long ago I have lost all my settings. It means that using the web interface, I have gotten empty scan rules for my groups. All computers, actually, were scanning for an empty list of file extensions to scan, meaning no scanning at all. I tracked it down due to a complain made by one of my developers, claiming his laptop doesn’t scan any file.

Searching for the problem, it really showed to be the issue. I have re-created my scan rules, per group, however, they did not propogate to the clients. Few attempts here and there, including restart to the server’s mangement services, and I’ve gotten something even weirder – most of my computers were missing from the web management, and settings were not propogated.

Contacting TrendMicro’s support, I was told to restore an alternate httpdb directory. I’ve found this directory, and found that it has three backups on the system. I have taken one of them (which, regarding its date, was supposed to be a correct one), and replaced (backing up the older one, of course) the current httpdb directory. During this, of course, the master service is off.

It worked quite fine. I have it all up and running now, and my clients get propogated just as they should. I wonder, however, about the cause of it all. I think it all began when I have run disk-cleanup on this Windows Server. I lacked some space on C:, and disk-cleanup sure did help. However, TrendMicro seemed to have problems afterwards.

Next time I’ll run Disk-Cleanup, I would check CSMS settings carefully afterwards (and maybe back them up prior to the operation).

If anyone has some similar experiance with such a problem, please be kind enough to leave a comment here. I wish to investigate it further, as it poses a threat on my (and everyones) organization. Thanks!

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