Dell PowerEdge 1800 and Linux – Part 2

In this part – Me installing Centos 4.1 64bit, the 86_x64 version.

Installation and boot from net (another chapter, soon to come), all works great. I’m using the same partition table / Raid / LVM I’ve created in my previous
install on this server. All looks great, and I expect to find the same GRUB problem. I’m not disappointed.

However – a tricky part! This time, in yum repositories, no Lilo! This time I have to think of something, and finally I reach a simple decision – If I can’t get a 64bit Lilo version, I would use the 32bit version. I obtain it from my Centos4.1 32bit installation storage, install it (worked like a charm), and reconf / run it. It works like charm. The system is up and running now.

Running "dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=1M" gave me results around the 70MB/sec. Nice… 🙂

Next to do: Install ISPMan on this system, and migrate whole lot of user accounts directly into it.

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