Bugs in the system

Two days ago, calling in sick for the day, I’ve noticed my home Internet connection dropped few times. Not only that, I’ve noticed that while it dropped, my router, a Linux machine, was inaccessible. A quick verification showed that the machine just rebooted itself once a while, while other machines, located on the same power outlets, were not. A malfunction.

I went to my lab, where the router resides, and quickly noticed it was excessively hot. It would not turn on, and when I pulled the power jack outside, and pushed it back in, the machine would start. However, its Power Supply fan (internal fan, residing on the inside side of the power supply) would not work.

Quickly I’ve opened the machine’s case, and pulled out the power supply. I looked into the fan module, and found out that a small sized lizard had crawled into it, got stuck, and was cooked for few hours. Yack!

However, I had to take few pictures… I’ve had only my cell phone (Nokia 6230) camera, so the quality and focus suck. I did try to circle the area. Trust me you don’t want to be looking into these dead, cooked and accusing eyes.

First pic:

Somewhat better:

You can distinguish it here

No more pics. Sorry. It wasn’t fun taking them…

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