Engrish, anyone?

I love it when I get an Engrish product. Their manuals, their texts – I just love it.

This is the cover of a flash light I was given during the latest RedHat summit here in Israel.

The interesting part is the text scanned above. I will quote (grammar and spelling mistakes are kept as in the original)


1. This product is a new science and technology product and made with high and new science and technology. It can illuminate only placing it in rhythm.

2. No need any power no environmental pollution. Low noise and health. Comparing with common torch,it can be several times on lift.

3. Con stantly using this health torch,  it can benefit to your palm, arm and shoulder stretching and blood circulation,so as to let your hands relax and brain clever,hand and brain coor dinate and promote your brain memory and health composition.

A manual flash light, right? 🙂

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