Correct rack wiring tips & tricks with pictures

This post will offer several tips and tricks for wiring cables into new rack closets. It uses pictures as a demonstration of what to do and what not to do. It is based on a job I have taken part in with several other companies, moving the server farm to a new location. This job included rewiring new rack closets, and these pictures are based on work I and another team have done.

Since this post includes many pictures, I have decided to split it into this description, and the real contents.

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3 Responses to “Correct rack wiring tips & tricks with pictures”

  1. Nahum Says:

    It is just a matter of time until a cabinet transform from a “do’s” form to a “don’t’s” form.

  2. Ez-Aton Says:

    Indeed it is, however, the Do’s cable channel contained about twice the amount of the Don’t’s cable channel, and cables were easily traceable still.

    Actually, the issue about cables is how long can you postpone the mess. I hope that the example of the Do’s will do for several months at least, while the Don’t’s is already a mess. Not only that, but the Do’s had several cables added later (increase in the entropy) and still remains quite ok.
    The amount of time is in direct proportion to the amount of effort the person adding or changing cables is willing to put into it…


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