Moving to another place

And my “lab zone” needs to be packed up. I’ve closed the lid of some of the computers in the lab, and piled them up. Got about 27 computers, some of them in working order, without counting my “Production” (yeah) computers, 6 computers acting as servers, two desktops and one laptop. Two additional laptops I did not count, don’t know why…

Of my non-“production” computers, One is P4, few are P3, many are P2 and P1 (or equivalent, of course). Two Apples, one Sun. Used to have SGI, but it didn’t work, so I gave it to a friend to try and make it work. He failed, as far as I know.

I’ve taken few pictures of my pile in becoming. It is not all of the computers, but it’s a pile of 20 already. Check it out

Front-side view. Only some of the rear raw are visible
Side view. Nothing much to see. It’s one level above floor, anyhow
Rear view. Still, only the upper two and a half floors of the pile are visible
Front view. Again, only the upper two and a half floors are visible

Still got 12 or 13 more computers to add to the pile. Most of them being my “production”, I believe they will be treated better.

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