Customer’s site goes down

I’m not too happy about it, but we’ve tried to convince him to migrate his data to another server, or at least let us rebuild the server from scratch.

It’s one of those in this link
, holding few virtual machines (VServers), and it appears that the person who built it decided that the system would get a software mirror, and the data would get even better – a stripe! Nice going… 🙂

So, this customer, although we’ve tried putting him on track, lost tons of data (he had no regular backup policy, so it’s around two weeks of 400 hosted sites. Nice… ), and for some reason, he can’t still understand what this person, who has decided that the system volume is more important than the data volume, is a total jerk. He can’t seem to understand why now, after he has a new Raid5 array, he needs this backup. Nice.

So, without saying "told you so", I just keep a hidden smug. It will go away in a day or two.

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