ISPMan – Towards the finish line

Although I have not shared most of my work on ISPMan in this blog, and it happened due to lack of time, I wish to share a script I’ve been part of creating, which dealt with migration of flat-passwd file based authentication server, to LDAP, used through ISPMan. We’ve taken many things into consideration, such as first/last name, such as the crypt method (we were sure it was MD5, but it appears to be crypt), etc. etc.

So, we have a running script, which can either add (correctly!) or remove users, assign passwords for them, assuming your ISPMan is set up correctly.

Since I’ve been looking for something like that, I’ve decided to post it here, under the common GPL license, so everyone migrating to ISPMan, or porting either a single server/domain, or a whole lot of them could use and alter to his/her needs. I wish you all better luck than mine in finding one of those 🙂

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