Fujitsu special keys

Last night, after I finished writing the previous entry, I was looking for Fujitsu & Linux related sites, for somewhat more information about my modem.

I found out a site, which reminded me of the Fujitsu special keys which I’ve never used nor managed to setup. Well, the version the site pointed at was old, and I could not compile it, however, the newer version (courtasy of google) of fjkeys and apanel allowed me to finally, for the first time, to comile and insert this module. I was so surprised to find out that there was one led of which I never knew.

Nothing is perfect, of course. I have tons of message such as this:

i2c_adapter i2c-0: Error: command never completed

but besides that (which does not damage nor slow down my suspend/resume), all seems to work. Good. This blog existance (no readers so far, and still no search engine index) pushed me towards solving some of my problems, and towards a better laptop-wise life.

Another set of reasons are that it’s damn hot in the house (but in the balcony it’s cooler, and there’s some wind), and that I have a new set of two batteries (Extended primary battery, and the modular bay battery) which allow me up to 8-9 hours of work. Under high loads, this time tends to get shorter, but not less than 5 hours or so. Cool.

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  1. Saw your comment on one of my blogs on Fujitsu P2120. I still have to computer, but unfortunately my kids have killed it this summer 🙁

    Maybe I try to fix it this fall – I wan’t to look into suspend/resume again with newer 2.6 – kernels. The special keys I couldn’t bring to any sensible use last time I tried, so I may look at your posts on that, and give it another try.

    Besides that, the P2120 is a bit slow for my needs right now, so I need to look into something else. Currently I have a IBM T41p, but that one is more like a desktop-computer for me – I need something *much* smaller. Not sure what I should go for, though.

    Take care.

  2. First and foremost – Happy new year!Technically speaking, it has gone rather well so far, this new year. Although it was actaully yesterday, I’ve managed to add another feature to my little laptop, and support the Fujitsu Keys on my linux – this time, wit

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