Getting rid of some junk…

It wasn’t junk once…

This stuff used to be useful, but it has been laying around for a long while now, doing nothing but collect some dust. I have ‘donated’ some stuff to someone who actually wanted it, but neither him nor me can find a use, nowadays, to a monochrome display card with an ISA 8bit connector, or about 20 56k ISA and PCI modems, or all kind of other old, and once useful junk. So I have let go, and the picture you see is of most¬†of the stuff I have taken to the electronics recycle facility nearby. That was a hack of a work.

Remaining: Some desktops (maybe I will throw away some more, donno yet), Sun Ultra 80 (Since you can never get a SPARC platform when you need it), an IBM FastT200 (one day I will do something with it. Donate it to a better cause than to the junk yard), and, well, that’s all actually.

BTW – not in the picture – two IBM servers and two Dell servers, and many hard drives, which were given to the helpful man who assisted me with carrying this all to the recycle center.







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