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As of today, I have switched back to using akismet and not the “Yawasp” plugin which was theoretically amazing, but as it seems – blocked too many legitimate comments, and allowed spam (only a little, but still). So you can feel free to comment whenever and however you want.  I was disconnected for too long…

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  1. A suggestion for the Appendix. It would be good to mount the directory in which one is working on an NFS share if the computer is used for testing/building the image, this way you dont have to copy your working directory on and off the server all of the time.

  2. I think you have missed the right post (maybe due to changes and migration performed on this blog in the last few weeks). The correct link is:

    I will consider your offer. It is a good suggestion (which I actually used). It requires somewhat more knowledge, and I wanted to keep these instructions as simple and basic as possible. Still – there’s good thinking behind your comment.

  3. i’d like to complain that the character suposedly depicting you running after a system doesn’t look like you at all.

    and there’s no way in hell you are that flexible!


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