xterm -fg white: Warning: Color name “white” is not defined

I’ve had problem with color names ever since around the time I’ve upgraded to Xorg 7.0

This problem as been annoying, but it was acceptable, just until lately.

I’ve discovered that a required file /etc/X11/rgb.txt was involved, and was required for X to understand color mappings.

For some reason, although x11-common 7.0.20 was supposed to have this file inside, it did not ("apt-get install –reinstall x11-common" left the directory without the rgb.txt file). It seems as if this package is somehow broken (saw same effect on x11-common 7.0.22), so I’m attaching my rgb.txt here, for your convenience. rgb.txt

Note that in order for changes to take place, you must restart your X when done.

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