Laptop Kernel update. Seems like a success

I’ve been working, on and off, on an update to my Linux kernel, for the last few weeks. I’ve tried my best with to, and although it was compiled correctly, it failed to boot. I don’t know why, but this same problem occurred on my desktop PC as well.

Yesterday, finally, I was able to compile a running kernel, 2.6.13, with SWSUSP patches, and a fully working hibernation procedure. I was surprised to discover that the Orinoco module was the one I had to manually upgrade to, for my previous version of kernel, are already up-to-date, and that it leaves me with one module less to compile afterwards.

I’ve done the following, in this order:

1) Downloaded, and uncompressed the source of kernel 2.6.13

2) Patched it with SoftwareSuspend2 patches

3) Patched it with FBsplash patches

4) Used the following .config file with it


5) Compiled, and afterwards, installed the modules and the bzImage

6) Complied and installed the new swsusp2 UserUI

7) Created initrd, according to the guidelines in swsusp2 wiki

8) Upgraded to the newer swsusp2 hibernate script (1.10)

9) Compiled and installed the Apanel module

10) Rebooted, and afterwards, hibernated and restored.

It worked quite well. Surprisingly easy, comparing to the hard times it used to give me in the past.

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