NabRSS initial release (0.1)

I have written an RSS to Nabaztag (using API) php scripts. Special thanks to magpierss, for doing the complicated work of converting RSS feeds to PHP-usable arrays.

This system requires MySQL server, Apache server and PHP version 5 (haven’t tested it on PHP version 4).

The scripts are supplied under GPL license, and are free for use and distribution. Please keep the header information containing my details on every distribution of the scripts. Also, please help me make the scripts better, by leaving feedback and sending me fixes.

You can find the archive here: nabrss-0.1.tar.gz


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  1. NabRSS has been updated from the version posted here.NabRSS is a set of PHP scripts meant to assist anyone with a PHP/MySQL/Apache server available to gather feeds from RSS sources and send them via Nabaztag API to his/her Nabaztag.Available here: nabrss-

  2. Again, on a short notice, the package introduced here and updated here has been updated.From the ChangeLog:NabRSS Version 0.21 Jul 14th 07:- Started moving functions into functions.php- Added support for RSS feeds with login- Hiding passwords for login-ba

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