Nokia’s AMR, and Linux conversion

First and foremost, although I’ve purchased a new display card, I haven’t installed it in the computer yet, as my NVidia has decided to behave. Maybe it’s something to do with some specific build of Firefox, as it’s the only main package changed during the last two or three days.

Second, I’ve tape-recorded into my cell an event, and wanted to play it, afterwards, on my desktop. I discovered that it’s being saved in AMR format, which is rather annoying, and uncooperative. Google brought me this site, pointing to an important place on the web. Them both gave me a hint. I’ve been able to download Nokia’s package, and although it got compiled, it segfaulted, so using the second site, I’ve noticed the changes required both to the Makefile and to the codeĀ  itself, and it works correctly now.

Second, I’ve had problems with the script. I’ve altered it a bit, to fit my needs, and it’s attached here

You need to copy the compiled “encode” and “decode” to /usr/local/bin in this case, because it’s the right place for them.

It works correctly now, and I’m as happy as I can be. Got some good laughes out of these records.

One more thing – As today I’ve started working heavilly with VMWare, I’ve discovered a bug in it. I will probably verify it in the near future, but it can be replicated following these steps:

1) On an existing Win2003 Ent. Server install VMWare GSX 3.2.1

2) Check “Host Settings” to make sure it uses “C:Virtual Machines

3) Create a storage partition on another disk, formatted to NTFS, and mount it to “C:Virtual Machines

4) Repeate step 2. Use “Browse” to set it up right, if you’re not sure.

5) If you don’t have enough space on your C:, for example, less than the default Virtual Disk of 4GB, even if your mounted partition “C:Virtual Machines” does have enough space, VMWare wizard will complain about “not enough space”, and will not continue.

6) Setting drive letter to the storage partition and defining VMWare to use it works correctly.

So I’ve encountered it, and will try to repeate it on the next server I get to use. Could be interesting if I can actually reproduce it. Didn’t find anything about it in their documentations and knowledge-base.

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