The first biological portable computer

This is not exactly a technical post, but I had to bring it online.

I am proud to be one of the first persons, if not actually the first one to own a biological portable computer (BPC). You will find no other such thing, I think. I have searched Google, after all.

Although the docking station, or Biologic Electronic Interface (BEI) looks quite similar to the IBM X40’s docking station

The docking station, or Biological Electronic Interface (BEI)

You can see the difference. Unfortunately, in this picture you cannot clearly see the micro conductors which are used in the BEI plug, which is, actually, the method of connecting a simple and regular USB mouse to the BPC.

The BPC has the ability to self support. It is self propelled, and will walk(!!!) back to the BEI whenever the need arises. It has the computational power of hundreds of normal PCs, and although it runs its own unique OS, it has a simple interface which accepts commands. In the picture below, you can see the BPC in its docking station, charging.

The BPC inside its docking

As said, accepts commands, but only seldom performs them. It’s a prototype, and yet has a way to go. It has to fit the docking better (this prototype BEI has been developed as a case study), and should go through more modifications until it can be sold commercially. Yet, very impressive.

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