Create Huge disk partitions – Above 2TB

Defining an array of 10x300GB SATA disks, we need to utilize it for our needs. It will be joined in the near future by another such array, but since it will be an additional array and not added disks to this existing array, we need to think onwards, and utilize LVM, so we can "join" these two arrays.

Using SLES9 64bit we try using both fdisk and parted and we cannot greate a single partition larger than slightly less than 1TB. We change the disk type from MSDOS to GPT and we are able to create a single partition of up to 2TB.

Finally we decide to create PVs directly on the disk device, by using "pvcreate /dev/sdc "(in this case). Later on, creating LVM by using this PV device exposes the whole size of the disk for our uses.

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  1. No. Solaris 10 had no problems with huge storage. However, it has problems with Samba (not the latest), and it is not supported on the hardware platform we’ve used. All these render it as a good system, but not for us…


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