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I am not a security expert. I know my way, and I can use common sense, which is the best practice for a good security, but I get to hear terrible things. Not only the hunt for file sharing people is on full throttle, but media companies try (and succeed) in providing yet better, meaner, and more efficient methods of spying on people and preventing them doing any illegal (copy?) procedure, and God knows what more.

This entry is not a technical one, in general, it’s just a bunch of two links (so much for a bunch) I’ve picked on a blog owned by a friend of mine.

So, the first Link, in Hebrew, is this. It forwards directly to the blog in question.

The second, derived from the first one, is about Sony’s last known actions. It can be found here.

Let’s hope we don’t get much more of this. I’m skeptic, but that’s me…

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