Linux – Burn DL DVD+R media with custom layer break

To burn Dual-Layer (or Double-Layer, of you stick to the official name for DVD+R) medias, I use growisofs.

The syntax is as follow:

growisofs -dvd-compat -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760 -Z /dev/scd0=file.iso

Change the break blocks to match your own values, and replace the file.iso with the actual name of your ISO file.

If you do not set layer break manually, it will be automatically selected, so if you don’t know why you want one, you probably don’t, and have nothing to fear.

I use growisofs version 7.0.1 with genisoimage version 1.1.9

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  1. monstar-x Says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledg, it works like charm 🙂

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