An experiment

My brother is a computer illiterate. He can use a computer for the purpose of e-mail messaging and for editing documents, spreadsheets, etc.

I have decided to “abuse” his older laptop, an IBM X31 and install Ubuntu on it. This is some sort of an experiment. I wonder how he, a simple user, can cope up with using Linux as a desktop.

I have made sure he had the following, for now:

  • Ubuntu 8.04 32bit
  • Firefox 3 with Adblock Plus
  • Hebrew fonts, and msttfcorefonts package installed
  • OpenOffice which defaults to saving in MS Office formats – doc, xls, ppt
  • Skype
  • VLC media player
  • Hebrew layout enabled

I will let him use it for a few days, and keep my blog up to date on this. It interests me 🙂

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