SunCluster and VxVM – post installation

When I’ve installed my lab’s SunCluster, only later did I install Veritas Volume Manager, aka VxVM. I believed they wouldn’t need it at my development dept., but I proved to be wrong. Only short while afterwards I’ve been asked to add VxVM to the configuration. I’ve added it, and installed it using Veritas install scripts. I’ve used vxsetup
to configure disks which were not the bootable disks, as I know the consequences of early development stages with hard-to-access volumes.

Now, a while later, I’ve been asked to encapsulate the bootable disk, and add it into VxVM.

After I’ve manually configured one node (and discovered SC global devices were encapsulated, but their did devices /etc/vfstab entries were not updated correctly), I’ve read /usr/cluster/bin/scvxinstall, and deduced how Sun do it. It appears they change the entry in /etc/vfstab to point to the real physical dev entry of the global device (for example, instead of /dev/did/dsk/d1s3, in my case, to /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s3). When set that way, encapsulation, using vxdiskadm, for example, can easily be done. Afterwards, the system can boot
correctly. To be on the safe side, After setting the encapsulation, I’ve rebooted the machine using the command "reboot — -x", so SunCluster and Veritas won’t have any possible collision. It worked, to my full surprise, and it’s now up and running!

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