Finally had some time today

So this post is not technical by nature.

Today I gave away 14 PCs and 5 VGA screens. All are in some-not-exactly-unworking-condition, which means that you can probably mix two computers into one, or you need only add some RAM, HDD or other several components to make any of these PCs work.

All of them are either Pentium1 or Pentium2 class (I think there was one AMD K6 there).

A picture of the pile before the giveaway:

This is the pile – 14 PCs and 5 VGAs!

So I searched for anyone who was willing to take them, and found one. I was surprised at how quick the responses were. It was less than 5 hours from the time I’ve posted my give-away offer, till the computers were gone.

You can say it’s for a good cause – the person who’s got them tries to make them work and then he installs Xubuntu on them (a very lightweight distro), and give them away (or sell them in a near-zero price) to people with no computer, and usually with zero computer skills. He teaches them to use the computer for the general day-to-day needs WE all are familiar with. This is an honorable task, I must say, and I salute him. Not only adding users to the pool of the modern society, but also doing it for near-zero pay, and actually making them Linux users – plain dumb-I-dont-have-viruses computer users. Can hardly be better.

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