Tweakomatic – MS do something right

Pretend you have a medium sized environment, all Windows, and you want to accomplish one small task. For example, get the list of installed software on all computers. Great. You can sit down for a day, or two, write some huge and complicated software which will open each and every registry on your network, and compute the results, and then add it to your GPO (if you’re lucky enough to have one). During the next few minutes/hours/days, you’ll get your list.

Option two is to use Tweakomatic, MS WMI auto generation utility. It won’t do everything, but it will do most of the things you just want and just need. For a one-time run, or for a scheduled run, you’ll just need to use the easilly created script this utility has created just for you. Nice.

And they have a good sense of humor too.

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